Monthly Contest Winners

February 2017 Winners
Overall Winner race horse by bambang wirawan Photo of the Month Runner-up heaven of the world by Debasis Sen Hard
January 2017 Winners
Overall Winner Happy farmer by mostafa Photo of the Month Runner-up The Mother by Falguni De flower market by Subhasish
December 2016 Winners
Overall Winner ‘Wouldn’t a book and a pen look better here?” by Chevon Clesebio Rodrigues Photo of the Month Runner-up
November 2016 Winners
Overall Winner Ramany_Hunting Livelihood by Sony Ramany Photo of the Month Runner-up Flambayont by Vivek Vegda MORNING LIGHT AT PUSHKAR
October 2016 Winners
Overall Winner Life goes on by Atanas Donev Photo of the Month Runner-up Journey-to-Heaven by Sudipta Dutta Chowdhury Oh, life
September 2016 Winners
Overall Winner Home Bound by Sudipta Dutta Chowdhury by Sudipta Dutta Chowdhury   Photo of the Month Runner-up    
a loving family…
Photo Contest Result Valentine 2016
Overall Winner – a loving family… by Abrar Sweet Smile by Debasish Nag Touching a Love by leka huie The
Still Life Photo Contest Winners Announced
WINNER PHOTO OF THE MONTH Evening beauty by Joy Joseph   Honorable Entries Greece by Alex Thompson Monarch by Uday
October Photo Contest Result 2015
Overall Winner Aquatic #1 by Francis Malapris Old Shatterhand by Gabor Dvornik Keeping love for years to come by Sergey
September 2015 Photo Contest Result
Sutapa by RAJDEEP BISWAS This is an indoor portrait. Expression, mood, story…. I leave to the viewers to decode !
Result of August 2015 Photo Contest
Overall Winner I’m not single, I’m in a long standing relationship with Fun and Freedom. by Megha Bhutra Photo of
Flowers Photo Contest Result June 2014
Hyacinthus Orientalis by leka huie Photo of the Month Runner-up Purity by Anna Tea     Cherry blossom by kelly
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Winners of 2010 Photography Contest

Overall Winner of 2010 Yearly Photography Contest

Northern Lights, Iceland

Aurora BorealisPhotographer : Katarzyna Narloch-Liberra

Camera and settings : Canon 450D

Country : Iceland





This lion at a wildlife sanctuary in Indonesia found his light at the perfect moment for me to capture it.Image Caption
Lion in the ShadowsPhotographer : Stephanie SwartzCamera and settings
EOS-1D Mark III.Country : USA
 Snow Geese Blast Off at Sunrise
Taken at Bosque del Apache. Early morning blast off, 20+ degrees weather. Took me 5 mornings to get the shot right. The light, the wind and the timing were there today.Image Caption
Low Angle of Grand Prismatic Pond, YellowstonePhotographer : Troy LimCamera and settings : Nikon D700 + 14-24mmCountry : USA


Winners of 2009 Photography Contest

Overall Winner of 2009 Yearly Photography Contest


Image Caption : Love From Head to Toe by

Photographer : ErinKirsten

Image Details –This is a favorite shot of mine because of the depth of emotion. The support the father is giving the baby’s foot. The hand grasping onto his dad’s, the smell of his baby as he kisses the top of his head. For me, it is evident of so much between a father and his child.

Camera used – Nikon D300

Image Caption – Morning drink Photographer :  STEFAN B EDWARDSImage Details – This lizard was shot with a Nikon macro lens, 105mm VR, he had just been sprayed with some water and was having his first drink of the day. External flash usedCamera used – Nikon D300

p6Image Caption – Low Angle of Grand Prismatic Pond, YellowstonePhotographer : Calvin OgawaImage Details – It was taken inches above the steamy waters of the Grand Prismatic Pond. The vivid colors still shines through the intense steam off of the geological hot zone. It is one the most famous geological feature other than Old Faithful Geyser.

Camera used – Nikon D-5000


Winners of 2008 Photography Contest

Overall Winner of 2009 Yearly Photography Contest

Image Caption – Reflection by David Rex Ketchum

Photographer : David Rex Ketchum

Camera used – Canon 20D
Country – U.S.A

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