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Dragonfly by Satya Durga Prasad
The beauty of nature. Dragonfly in city.
Satya Durga Prasad
Complete Meal by Fernan Lachica
The image explores the amazing world of food photography in which it really captured my passion.
Fernan Lachica
Meaty Meal by Fernan Lachica
The passionate photographer has its own way to explore the amazing world of food. This image can be loved by
Fernan Lachica
Sunset at the Sea by Fernan Lachica
The beautiful sunset captured at the sea with its amazing rays. The quiet place, the colors and the everlasting scene
Fernan Lachica
Last Hour Fishing by Fernan Lachica
The fishing scene at the backdrop of a sunset gives more power as an interesting image for me. It defines
Fernan Lachica
Multi-Colored Umbrellas by Fernan Lachica
The scene at the street in Vigan, Philippines, has the most memorable through this image of multi-colored umbrellas, taken while
Fernan Lachica
Blue Sky by Fernan Lachica
The blue sky and clouds are the most amazing to a subject of every photographer can convey the satisfaction inside.
Fernan Lachica
Coastal Sunset by Fernan Lachica
The Coastal part of the Southern Metro Manila has a lot to offer when it comes to scenic view. The
Fernan Lachica
Mayon Volcano by Fernan Lachica
The famous Mayon Volcano in Albay, the Philippines with a perfect cone. Its lush vegetation at the base of the
Fernan Lachica


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  3. Submitting a few entries for the competion

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