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Pose by chameleon by Anubhav
This photo was taken by me in my college campus !!!
Pose by chameleon !! by Anubhav
”Be like a chameleon who transforms himself with each role” !!
Father’s Day by Partha
It was taken at my home, the theme is about fathers day..
The Sea by christin ozhukayil
this photo was taken in an Ixus 220 HS in HDR in Alapuzha, Kerala, India
christin ozhukayil
Sri Sri Sri sadguru purnananda goswami ji maharaj by Jibanananda Kar
The men is god bless you sadguru purnananda goswami ji maharaj is a god of ‘puniya’The great God of sadguru.
Jibanananda Kar
Crocodile by Jibanananda Kar
The image of sleeping mode in the crocodile.
Jibanananda Kar
Lanjipalli Ashram by Jibanananda Kar
Om Sri guru sadguru purnananda goswami ji ashram inauguration ceremony today’s. Founders of Om Sri guru purnabrashma GOD At lanjipalli
Jibanananda Kar


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