Offering..Kati_Bihu by sadiqur rahman

November 14, 2016 in 2017 Monthly Contest


Bihu is most vibrant festival of Assam. It is intimately connected with agriculture and three phases are earmarked for it to be celebrated aligned to three stages of a successful harvest, starting with the sowing of seeds, blessing growing crops and lastly the harvest. Kati Bihu is celebrated when the crops are growing. Though it is not celebrated with as much pomp as the other two but is as important a ritual as any. In the evening offerings are made to the Tulsi(Basil) plant in the courtyard, the granary, the farm equipments and in the paddy field with a special kind of traditional lamp which is made from Elephant Apple(called Ouu Shaki in Assamese). Farmers go to their field and light the Ouu Shaki on a stick over their paddy plants and chant mantras to ask for a healthy crop.

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