August 2013 Photo Month Winners

September 8, 2013 in Contest Results

Overall Winner – Pink Orchid by Ruth Ritchie


My beautiful pink orchid that grows on my kitchen window sill. This photo was taken with a Canon Ixus camera.

Photo of the Month Runner-up

 I see sunflowers by Deborah Felmey

flower contest 2

Sunflower field at McKee Beshers Wildlife Management are — Poolesville, MD. Shot – handheld – literally. Thru a crystal ball..


 Hyacinthus Orientalis by leka huie

flower and bee

Hyacinthus Orientalis by leka huie


 Grandma’s Rose by Michael Bird


Photo from Grandma’s garden, days before she passed away.
Camera: Panasonic DMC-ZS1

 Margherite by Domenico Guddo

Margherite by Domenico Guddo



 Curve Of Rose by Fx Royanto


photo of rose flower


 Colourful by leka huie

pink flower

A colourful flower.



2 responses to August 2013 Photo Month Winners

  1. Considering all of the beautiful flowers I saw in this contest, I feel very honored that my photo was chosen as a runner-up. Thank you, “The Aperture Light”.
    Congratulations winner, Ruth Ritchie.

  2. Hi, Ruth.
    This is Yuki, photographer.

    Love your great work!
    I have a question about photos.
    If you reply to when you have time,
    I really appreciate.

    Thank you very much.


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